Walls – Statement or Storage?

Walls are never simply structural divisions between rooms. You paint them, you adorn them. You use the walls in your home to hang pictures or mirrors, or to display a specially-selected wallpaper in a particular area. Every wall makes a statement of some sort. It reflects your style in some way.

For most homeowners, space s the most precious resource in their homes. As families grow, and lifestyles evolve, available space never quite seems adequate.

And so, we must turn to our walls, and see every one of them not just for their structural purpose, or statement effect, but for their storage possibilities.

Stuff to Store?

Of course, the usual stuff comes to mind when you think about storage – your son’s rugby kit, your daughter’s collection of jeans, your scarves and hats, your partners special shirts And all the rest of the mundane have-to-have daily-life necessities.

Your hallway will likely be a storage space already, for coats and boots and all manner of shoes, umbrellas, walking sticks, etc.

Your kitchen is another high-storage area, with all your pots and pans and appliances.

But, as you consider your storage needs, think about what you own that gladdens your heart, and  that you might like to put on display, rather than in a cupboard, behind closed doors.

You might have a treasured vinyl collection, or an inherited tea set. What about the silverware that you’ve collected, or special photographs and memorabilia?

Matching Your Storage to Your Stuff

Every room contains a different set of stuff, with different storage needs. And those needs change over time.

You need custom-made furniture on the walls of each room. Tylko really does provide your solution in terms of wall storage. The company prides itself on understanding that you know your needs, and then providing you with customizable solutions to fit those needs.

There are wall shelves, and, for those unusual spaces, custom shelves. There is a tall shelving unit for your books and a wall rack for your wine. There are box shelves for your show-off items.  There are modular wall storage units with doors and without doors, with drawers and without drawers, or a combination of both.

Think about what storage you need where. Make lists. And go shopping!

Matching Your Storage to Your Style

Tylko’s storage options come in a wide range of colours – from the natural hues, to the very stylish grey and aubergine. You will very easily be able to  tie your wall organizer to your style, and make it every bit a statement in every room.

No wall or storage option should be seen as solely utilitarian. Every wall and every wall organizer can add impact to a room – simply by the colour, the positioning, the styling, if you’re using modular units, or by what you choose to display.  Even the notorious boot-pile of a hallway can be transformed, with wall racks, shelves, boxes, etc into a clean, uncluttered welcoming space, with personal touches reflecting your style, and making the first impression anyone gets of your home a good one.

The colours of your units might be picked up in frames or rugs or cushions – small things that can be changed, as you move your units over the years to accommodate your changing needs.

Your Feel-Good Storage Statement

There is never a need to sacrifice style or making a statement for storage. The storage is entirely part of your style. Treat it as such.

Tylko provides another statement, in addition to style. It is made of North-European birchwood that is exceptionally hard and durable. Your units will last longer than it will take for trees to grow to replace those used in the manufacture of your chosen storage options.  That’s an environmental statement well worth being part of.

Plus, Tylko combines well-proven craftsmanship with modern technologies. Extraordinary care is taken to ensure that every piece is perfect, every finish beautiful.

The pieces of your Tylko selection connect  to each other easily and seamlessly. It is these connections that will enable you to change your home’s look whenever you want, or whenever you need to. Your storage will always be bespoke.  Isn’t that quite extraordinary?

Walls – Your Enduring Storage Option

Never look at a wall without seeing storage possibilities. Adding a lamp, or a silver decanter, or a trailing plant, in a neglected corner will turn the space into a special highlight. And, with Tylko, your storage will last as long as your walls. Great thought!


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