Tips on Mixing and Matching Patterns in Your Home and Maintain Elegance

Solid and dull colours all through the house can be boring. Studies reveal that your interior sets your mood and attitude. No one should subject themselves to somberness with so many blessings to count. Many people are stuck at the thought of splashing different patterns throughout the house. They do not know how to achieve a beautiful and harmonious look amid patterns. If not done well, mix and match patterns are chaotic. These tips will help you pop life in your home and maintain class irrespective of your budget or interior design expertise.

Define Your Style

While mix and match sound like putting everything together, it is not. To have an interior that evokes visual interest, and depicts style, you need to think through and pick the right things carefully. You will, therefore, need to determine your style. Carefully pick colours that you like. Do you want warm or cool colours? Choose one primary colour or two, and consider one or two more as accent colours to give your room character.

The outcome should have a sense of style and class. Do not lose yourself in the activities as your space should depict your style.

Include Distinguishing Features

Single tones across the room give no excitement. Every space needs some level of contrast to add some charm. Try a strong pattern against a plain surface, light shade with darks, or wood against metal. You can, for example, use a rustic centerpiece in a modern living room style. Make sure it draws attention. Ensure there are no similar elements that compete for the focus on sight.

Pull a modern look and have some elements of antique stylishly with careful consideration. Mixing old and new allows you to add warmth to your space by adding personal items with sentimental attachment. It is all a game of adjustment. Try different combinations and step back to see how it turns out. You will need the courage to display curtains from you grand mom and see how they look. Or use your late mom’s lampshade in the living room.

Give a Sense of Balance

Even when mixing and matching, you want a look that is kind to the eyes. Use a neutral colour on the floor, walls, sofas, or chairs. Use some layers of bold prints in main furniture pieces, throws, or carpets. Bold patterns look great against neutral colours. An important tip is to pick patterns with a monochromatic design. This is because they don’t compete with the surrounding bold colours. Mixing and matching patterns offer you a wide choice range of bold colours.

Find a Constant Factor that Holds Everything Together

You want to impress with a well thought out interior despite mixing it up. Even when combining different styles and patterns, do not lump everything. Find a unifying factor that puts everything together, whether colour, shape, or texture. The size of the furniture, throw pillows, and any other inclusions should relate well. It is good to explore the relationship between the elements you combine. Everything should appear well thought of and intentionally put in its place despite the variations.

Get Inspired by Prints and Patterns

Choosing decorative pieces leaves most people confused, uncertain of the impression they want to create. Save yourself from feeling overwhelmed when making this crucial decision. Start by getting a wall art you love or a piece of furniture whose colour strikes you. Now work around your focal point, finding patterns that embody it, or compliment in style and colour.

If you are a frequent traveler or have had the privilege of traveling recently, grab pieces of fabrics, and textiles that you cannot resist. Blend the patterns and prints with solid colours in your space and enjoy a beautiful interior that arouses excellent memories.

Vary Scales and Colours

Remember, mixing and matching is about breaking the monotonous feeling uniformity creates. Try and vary the patterns. Use small scale prints with large patterns, stripes with flowered or polka dots may surprise you. A variety of scales in your pattern style will give a welcoming feeling and beautiful outcome as long as you blend it well. Remember, all you need is to try and see how it works.


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