Storage Ideas for Hiding Clutter

No matter how hard we try, we often find ourselves with too many things and limited storage. When you have objects scattered on surfaces on your house, you will feel uneasy and disorganised. Clutter is a common problem for many homes, and finding new and innovative ways to clear clutter is essential. Fortunately, there are several storage solutions you can apply to your home to open up spaces and conceal clutter.

Organise The Junk in Your Garage

Many people throw clutter in their garages, which often renders the space useless over the years. To create storage in your garage, begin by installing shelves on the walls. Tylko has customisable storage shelves that you can use to create wall storage in your home or garage space.

Keep the shelves wide enough to fit several storage containers. The Iris-Store-It-All Trunk with wheels is excellent for bottom storage spaces. The boxes can also accommodate heavy items that you use when going camping. For top shelves, use clear watertight totes from The Container Store to store all items without moisture exposure. The boxes are also easy to stack in corners and on shelves.

Multifunctional Furniture

Multifunctional pieces with storage are great for saving space while reducing clutter in your home. The mirrored jewellery cabinet from Langria doubles up as storage for watches bracelets, necklaces, and earrings while providing a mirror. For sofas, Sofa Mania’s Arthur classic sofa has a storage space under the cushions.

Multipurpose coffee tables are perfect for storing remotes, laptops, phones, books, and board games. Dot&Bo has stylish coffee tables with storage that also lift tops where you can place a laptop. The Fordbridge Storage Ottoman is also an excellent addition to a living room space with extra space inside for toys and essentials.

Use Curtains

Forget having drapery on your windows and introduce them to your open shelves. Are the books in your home office looking unpleasant, no matter how many times you reorganise? Using curtains to hide the shelves is an easy hack. Use a spring tension road across the width of your shelves and ensure the curtains fit from top to bottom. Nice Town has a variety of heavy curtains that can conceal wall storage completely.

Using Paintings to Cover Open Shelves

While open storage shelves are great for keeping books, they may appear cluttered. To cover the space, paint a few canvases or print some pictures and hand them on top of your shelves. The paintings will hide your books while decorating your shelf-areas.

Use Baskets

If you prefer not to have plastic containers in your living room area, you can find several baskets to store your items. You can find SonaHome patterned seagrass baskets from Etsy for towel storage in your laundry room. DiyCraftProjectCo has beautiful Rattan storage baskets that are excellent for storage and display in your living room or craft room.

Drawer Organisers

After placing your items in a drawer, you may still have a difficult time sorting through the clutter. The Container Store stocks several drawer organisers that work well for arranging underwear, ties, shirts, cutlery, spices, stationery, and electrical cables.

Install Wall Organisers

Let’s face it- installing shelves to your walls may be impossible in some situations. However, you can get a wall organiser for your kitchen, office space, or bathroom. Klickpick has excellent magazine and book storage racks while Delta Children has over the door hanging organisers unique for craft items and bathroom items.

Add Storage to Your Staircase

You can create storage beneath the stairs by adding a vintage cabinet or set of drawers under your stairs for book or spice storage. If the space is ample, you can add a workspace with side drawers for storage or install open shelves to fill the space.

Under Bed Storage

IKEA has several options for rolling under-bed drawers where you can keep extra clothes, bedding, and items you don’t need regularly. PBteen has an under bed shoe storage rack that runs from under the bed and can store up to 12 pieces of shoes.  You can also purchase flexible zip bags for storing bedding.

Pantry Hacks

There are several ways to maximise space in your pantry and avoid clutter. First, you can use clip hangers to hang bags of snacks. You can renovate your pantry door and add several boards to support pan lids. Magazine holders are also an excellent hack for storing spices and spaghetti.

With any of these hacks, you can reduce clutter in your house and reclaim your space!


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