Plant Ideas for a Natural Aesthetic Interior Design

Sometimes, a home needs more than paint and floor treatments to make it a truly welcoming space. Fortunately, decorating with plants is one of the easiest ways to add an extra design element to a room which transforms it from mundane to spectacular. In addition to this, it boosts the amount of oxygen in the room making it the home a healthier place to be.

Flowering plants

Nothing beats a bouquet of fresh flowers, however, these are only temporary and can get expensive to replace. In this case, a flowering plant is a perfect addition to your home, find a miniature rose or bright begonia to add a little colour to your home. With regular watering and a little plant food, these could provide you with blooms throughout the year.

Experiment with pots

When adding plants in modern design, your options are virtually endless. Invest in a cohesive set of white planters for all of your plants. Alternatively, you could use a combination of different coloured pots to add another interesting element to your space. If you are looking for a practical solution, opt for plastic planters. However, nothing beats the elegance of a well-made ceramic planter.

Play with Macrame

An emerging trend in recent years has been the use of macrame in combination with indoor plants. This particular style of the knotted container makes an excellent juxtaposition to the organic flow of a plant. Find a cover for your potted plants or look for macrame hanging containers. These instantly transform a drab potted plant into a focal piece for your home.

Mount a couple of stags

The tradition of mounting stuffed stag heads on your walls has been turned on its head with plants in modern design. Staghorn ferns, named after their unique antler-like fronds, can be mounted on a wooden base and placed on a wall for an interesting interpretation on the hunting trophy tradition. Although they require a little extra care they are worth all of the effort.

Hang them from the roof

There are a great number of plants that look great when suspended from your ceiling. Find a beautiful hanging basket and place a pathos in it. These plants have long tendrils with bright green leaves that add a dramatic touch to any unforgotten nook in your home.

Invest in some pearls

Plants in modern design should spark joy in all who view it and the little succulent, known as a String of Pearls, is guaranteed to do that. When given enough water, these plants produce bountiful amounts of strings that are studded with jade beads that resemble little pearls. They add a stunning touch of green to any living space and are easy for beginners and expert gardeners alike.

Let them reproduce

Arguably the most popular house plant in recent years, the Chinese Money Plant is a great option for any home. These plants have large round leaves growing on a single central stem. Known for producing pups in record numbers, these plants are the gift that keeps on giving. Before you know it, your entire home may be filled with these cheerful plants.

Get festive

When the holidays roll around, you may be tempted to decorate with all of the artificial flowers and garlands that you can get your hands on. However, this is unnecessary when you add a few special plants to your collection. Poinsettias with their red and green leaves are the epitome of the holiday season. You could even opt for a holly bush or a small pine tree to add a little charm to the celebration. These are an excellent addition that can be used throughout the year.

Orchids for the win

An easy way to add a touch of class to your home is to place a beautiful orchid in a central spot in your home. Known for being rather finicky, these plants may just surprise you. Ensure that they receive ample amounts of sunlight and an ice cube once a week and you might just be rewarded with the most beautiful blooms year after year.

Go big or go home

Although standard potted plants are an outstanding addition to any space in your home, they often lack the drama that a large plant has to offer you. If you have space, then a Fiddle Leaf Fig or Monstera Deliciosa which are excellent decor pieces for your home. These large plants create luscious foliage that really accentuates the beauty of nature that has been brought into the home.


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