Home Design Trends That Are Likely to Grow Bigger in 2020

It is never a surprise for ancient detailing to make a comeback in the current home decor trends. Ideas of the 17th and 18th Centuries are expected to be everywhere in 2020. This means that brands might start investing more on items such as spindles and vintage-spooled legs. On top of that, designers will be incorporating modern decors as statement pieces. The following are home design trends that are expected to reach greater lengths and people will continue adoring them in this new decade.

1. Biophilic Design

Biophilic design represents love for nature. Plants are probably the most common elements. There is also a tendency to allow in natural light to the living rooms. The advantages of this design revolve around productivity and human health which is shown to be true by science. Since the current lifestyle has too much technology, people spend more time staring at the screens. As such, they are craving for natural surroundings. Commercial interior designers are likely to introduce water features, natural light, open spaces, and plants for serenity. This will not only be a trend in offices but homes as well. It is believed that an average person spends 30% of their life working and so it is worth investing in a design trend that brings people closer to nature.

2. Minimalist Maximalist Design

Just as the name suggests, this design is a unique integration of the principles of minimalism and maximalist vibe- colours, patterns, and textures. A particular piece can be decorated with bold patterns to produce a dramatic effect but the space around it remains uncluttered. For instance, a colourful and patterned rug would be an ideal complement for neutral furniture pieces. Often, this style embraces more of the maximalist vibe with less stuff onboard. Unlike the pure maximalist homes with floor-to-ceiling items, this one doesn’t feel overwhelming. Whereas the rooms are pretty to look, there is so much airiness inside. A bedroom that embraces the minimalist maximalist look fits the bill and there is not much except the bed, chair, lamp, and nightstand. The maximalist statement could be in a busy wallpaper but the bold space adds a minimalism detail.

3. Nordic Design

Form and function whisked together perfectly describe the Nordic retreat. This aesthetic appeal has been there since the era after the Second World War especially in the Northern European countries. Recently, there has been a spike in the popularity of the Nordic design and many people are intent on creating clean chic lines, comfortable accents and an airy atmosphere. Furniture with a specific appearance is an identifying factor. The placement is as important as the pieces themselves because the furniture is the point of interest. If possible, there is an emphasis on well-made natural materials as opposed to mass-produced items. Colour is the next important factor and is meant to create a backdrop and bring cohesion among various elements. The aim is to keep the room bright and airy. The level of comfort in Nordic design is what puts it apart from minimalist homes. Most minimalist spaces feel a bit cold and stark but Nordic is warm and cosy. It also embodies negative spaces.

4. Colours and Textures

Over the past few years, gem tones and burn orange hues dominated the interior design industry and are expected to stay through 2020. However, green and blue are two of the most desirable colours that promote a calming effect. Adeline green and tranquil dawn are the timeless palettes that look great with upcycled furniture. The texture is an all-encompassing design rend in 2020. The best way to bring a unique ensemble is to mix the textures. It is true that metallic finishes are still lingering and the more they are mismatched, the better they look. Furniture pieces appear more exciting when different metals are incorporated. This allows the homeowner to experiment with colours. Similarly, it is good to have all sorts of wood. Light and dark wood helps to keep the continuity by matching the rest of the tones.

5. Sculptural Furniture  

If there is one trend to love in 2020 it is the curved furniture design. It was inspired by the 1970’s geometry. Retro circular tables and statement chairs now have their way in the living rooms. Beautiful curves can make a statement if they fit into the prevailing colour scheme. What sculptural furniture design does is turn functional pieces into masterpieces. They bring peculiar shapes with post-modern vibes in a contemporary manner. The addition of natural materials can also enhance the effect.


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