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Your house is the one place that truly feels like yours. The point of owning a home is to make it yours, and the best way to achieve that is by incorporating your own design element. But the thing with design is that it doesn’t come easy.

Over the years, you’ve probably visited a few homes, read interior design magazines, watched videos of home walkthroughs, and wondered how the owners manage to integrate such amazing designs. Everything just fits so perfectly, and even the simple things look sophisticated, but when you try the same, it doesn’t feel right.

How do you find the right design style for your home?

1. Begin by evaluating your current space 

Before you conduct any research or seek inspiration, you need to understand your space. Evaluate your home to understand what needs to change. There are obviously some aspects of your current design style that you’d love to keep as it speaks about your taste. These could be items or themes that you’ve had for years. You could choose to keep these items or opt for something new.

Also, remember to consider how you plan to utilise the space. For example, a bachelor pad will have different styling compared to a home meant for a family with kids and pets. A house in a busy city will be different from a house fronting a lake, forest or farmland.

Some houses will need more lighting and brighter colours, while others will need a minimalist approach. If you want to hold parties often at your home, you’ll need to style it to fit that purpose. If your place is the designated home for game nights, it needs it to fit the purpose. If you want a home for kids, you’ll make the adjustments. Once you understand your needs, you can now research on styles that fit your needs for the space.

2. Research

It’s vital that you conduct as much research as you can. Thanks to the internet, research should not be a problem. You have YouTube, online magazines, Pinterest, etc. to help you find a style that you might like. During your research, learn everything you can about interior design, paint colours, fabrics, finishes, etc. You can even consult interior designers to understand your options.

3. Inspiration

Even the top interior designers draw their inspiration from something, so find that thing that inspires you. The easiest place to find inspiration is the internet, where you have Pinterest and YouTube. You can also watch home shows or visit recently built homes to draw ideas and inspiration. Interior designers tend to participate in showhouses for charity. The designers get to showcase their skills and preferred styles. A visit to these showhouses would help you learn about current trends and other design styles that are worth embracing.

4. Focus on your lifestyle

While the design allows you the freedom to be wild, there are several limitations. For example, living in a home with bright coloured walls and white furniture seems nice and cosy. However, this soon turns to be a nightmare when you have little kids and/or pets. Your white carpets and couches become annoying because you need to clean them every day.

Understand the difference between your desires and what you actually need. Don’t settle for a design style that you think would look good instead focus on a style that is comfortable for your particular lifestyle.

5. Don’t be in a hurry 

It’s your home, so take as long as you need to get that perfect design style. Experiment with several design styles, and eventually, you’ll find the style that suits you. Over the years, your style will also evolve, so don’t leap into any big decisions until you’re sure it suits you.

You can combine styles or be in between styles before you find what you want. Don’t be in a hurry to spend, instead buy what you can afford and think of your family. Also, be practical with your choices. For example, don’t invest in too many glass or fragile items in a house that has kids or pets.

Style the way you like it 

Although a few things, such as lifestyle and budget might limit how you style your home, don’t let it limit your creativity. You do not need to spend a million dollars to have a nice cosy home. A few thousand dollars will allow you to style your home in a way that’s enjoyable, inviting, and satisfying. As mentioned earlier, interior design is a journey, so take your time, and eventually, every piece will fit perfectly.


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