Creating a Refreshing Bedroom for Spring

Your bedroom is an intimate space that supports your relaxation, mornings, and private moments. It’s an essential part of who you are, and as a result, recreating it can breathe new life into you.

Spring is the perfect moment to reorganize your bedroom. Since its’s warmer, you’ll need several ideas for a refreshing bedroom for spring. Here are five exciting ways to redecorate your bedroom this spring.

1. Declutter Your Bedroom

Clutter will make your bedroom appear squeezed and claustrophobic. Decluttering your bedroom will eliminate the distractions and create a tranquil space. Sort through your items and separate those that need storage and those that are worn-out. Throw away old things and donate usable items that no longer interest you.

Swap out your heavy linen for lighter fabrics such as percale. Parachute cotton percale is matte and crisp at hand yet light and incredibly soft to the touch. The fabric is breathable, which makes it ideal for Spring. It also has a cool feel, which will give you better sleep as the temperatures rise.

Launder your comforter and replace it with a quilt instead. You can use Sorbus foldable storage bag organizers and place them in your linen closet. These bags will keep your winter bedding clean and safe from moisture until the next use. However, if you don’t have a linen closet, consider using under bed storage. Whitmore zippered underbed bags can fit under most beds.

2. Improve Your Space with Textures

Brighten up the neutral colors of your walls, and upholstery with patterns and textures. A velvet quit by Legends brings texture into your space. If you need layered patterns and colors, Macy’s has several floral and patterned quilts for various bed sizes. Find a colorful light throw for your reading chairs and change the cover on the ottomans inside your bedroom.

Switch your neutral pillow covers with bright and bold colors. Yellow, cyan, bright blue and lemon greens work well with neutral bedding. There are several options when it comes to pillows, from embroidered patterns to colorful contemporary prints and plush faux fur decorative pillows. Remember to also play around with round, square, and rectangular pillow shapes.

Changing your window coverings is also a great way to add texture to your space. Store your heavy and dark window coverings and swap them for lighter fabrics that allow more light in. Sheer curtains with bright colors allow light in and create an airy feel. You can select pale greys, mauve, or striped patterns. Nature-inspired prints such as leaves and flowers are also excellent in spring.

3. Reupholster

Use new furniture pieces to add texture to your room and increase your storage. Tylko’s chest of drawers is easy to customize in terms of size and color. You can layer the drawers in various patterns and use paint different colors on the drawers.

You can also change your headboard to add character to your space. The linen diamond tufted headboard by Skyline is elegant and improves the grandeur of your bed.  Change the cover on your Ottoman to a bright color or switch your reading chair covers for colorful and patterned fabrics.

Swap your bean bag chair for a saucer chair by Urban Chair or go with Home Life contemporary microfiber armchairs for open space.

4. Decorate!

There are several ways to redecorate your space without changing your furniture. Swap your table lamps for floor lamps and place them in the same corner as your reading chair. Urban Outfitters has a variety of lamps that are elegant and minimal. You can use long steel bar necks with overhanging metal caps and two bulbs or go for paper-covered lamps for a bohemian feel.

Candles add color and bring scents to your bedroom, not to mention how romantic they feel. However, if candles aren’t your thing, you can create a more natural yet colorful display of Himalayan salt lamps on your chest of drawers.

Flowers are always a plus during spring. Buy clear glass vases and visit the farmers market for tulips, roses, and daffodils. Hydrangeas and Queen Anne’s Lace are also decorative flowers but slightly subtle. You can also keep it classic by using mason jars and glass bottles. Potted green plants on your window sills or at your reading corner also create a natural feel.

You can also decorate your bedroom with paintings. A large colorful painting will fit well above your bed, especially if you have no headboard. Alternatively, you can add several small-sized pictures to your walls and create a pattern with their arrangement.

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