Christmas Decorations Are Your Personal Style Statement

The Christmas holidays can be stressful for anyone. Whether you live alone, with a partner, or have kids and other dependants, the way you decorate your interior can be reflective of your own style and personality.  Of course, most people do create a seasonal focal point in their living space over the Christmas season, but does this really need to be a tree with all its traditional trimmings and lights?

This simple guide offers a number of festive decorating alternatives for the home. Choose one theme or mix and match several to create the Christmas internal decorations that are a true reflection of your style this year.

First things First: Colour, texture, and material

Before making any start on your Christmas decor, take a hard look at existing colours and textures in your living spaces. Ideally, opt for seasonal decorations that will enrich the existing internal decoration of your home. For example, dark green and mustard were top interior colour trends throughout 2019. If your living area has dark green walls, traditional Christmas colours like red, gold, and silver will have instant impact and uplift. Combine these with sumptuous fabrics, such as velvet and wool.  Use metal decorations to add more sparkle to the room and create reflections that make colours and festive accessories appear even more rich and vibrant.

Should I buy a Christmas tree this year?

If you’re asking whether you should buy a tree this Christmas, the likelihood is that you’ve already decided not to but are unsure how this will be perceived by others. The festive season should not be about keeping up with appearances or traditions, but more a reflection of your style and flair. One big concern for many consumers is that even when they opt for a tree with roots that can be replanted after Christmas, the warmth of the home kills it off anyway.

If your living space already features lots of healthy plants and trees, opting to decorate these could be the perfect solution. Alternatively, twig trees can be a stylish option for modern or traditional interiors. Their twisted, gnarled branches add visual impact, whether you opt to dress them with baubles, tinsel and lights or simply display them in a festive vase or pot.

Adding lots of foliage, nuts, seeds, berries and greenery to a bookshelf, fireplace, mantel, or sideboard is one way build a more natural festive look in the home and works well in rooms of all shapes and sizes. Add accent decorations for greater visual impact, and your festive style is sure to be appreciated by guests this Christmas.

Utilise the focal points in your home

Focal points in the living area are essential for stylish festive decor. But, what do you do if your modern layout doesn’t have a fireplace. There’s no rule book when it comes to custom styling your home at Christmas. You can decorate shelves or the surface of your sideboard to create a festive display with real impact.

Your bookshelf may normally merge into the background of the home, decorating its shelves gives instant impact and draws it into the foreground. Some of this year’s popular colours are jewel tones, with spicy hints. Choose decorations in shades of clove, cinnamon and nutmeg, then tie them all together with foliage, berries, or twigs to create a stylish look that is both relaxing and seasonal. Adding aromatic pine or fir branches and scented candles will give height to your display and can create an even more sensual appeal.

Take ownership of your Christmas

Finally, your Christmas festivities are personal, so taking ownership of the internal decorations is one way to stress this fact. Whether you opt for DIY decorations to excite and inspire, or choose unusual colours or accessories is totally up to you.

Setting the scene for your Christmas isn’t just about the decorations chosen to beautify your interior. Setting religious celebrations to one side, another of the most important facets of this season is building the most welcoming environment for all family members and guests. This is reliant on all five senses, so don’t neglect to consider taste and hearing  in the home. Fruits are colourful additions to living spaces at Christmas, alongside bowls of snacks and treats to complete the stage. Ensuring your entertainments embrace music can also add a classic touch to the scene, and takes arguments over TV schedules totally out of the equation!

Indoor Christmas decorations that create utmost visual impact are often quirky and individual. If twinkly fairy lights really aren’t your bag, then why not opt for stark neon or LED this year? Throw out the traditional Christmas decorating rule books and improvise. It’s your home, your Christmas, and you’re in charge!


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