A Guide to Decorating Living Room Walls

Whether you live in a big house or a tiny one in a small town or a large city, the difficulty of decorating room walls eventually confronts everyone’s style, be it minimalistic or maximalist. The windowless walls can make a room feel refreshing, especially when the room has bold furniture, classic painted rugs, and good lighting background. However, more often than not, an empty wall feels dull. To bring the stylish design to every inch of a square of your walls, check out these tricks to give your wall the attention they deserve.

A Large Wall Art

A large picture covers a big part of your living room wall, don’t worry much about the painting; find an art that will blend with your wall, and your piece of art will play itself out. Colour matching often proves to be the most straightforward way to incorporate artwork into the home. This space benefits from neutral basics, with the colourful accents easy to change out if the artwork changes.

Use a Collection of Interactive Prints

While decorating with these small prints, make sure they match your theme. You want to unify or pattern your walls with a collection of small home interiors. This decor should perfectly mix with the surrounding. For example, you may want a lush and tropical theme to go with your stylish sofa.

Make It Functional

Make your walls decor practical by adding functionality that will make it usable. Style your walls to be both elegant and stylish, and use them daily. For example, you could add a storage unit on your walls for your favourite wines and spirit. You can also add a T.V screen that will cover a large section of your wall and still add functionality to it.

Add Wall Scones Lighting

You’ll need three sorts of lighting in your living room to make it look finished: ambient, task, and accent. To achieve this, use a combination of overhead chandeliers, table and floor lamps for accent lighting, and wall sconces for ambient lighting adjacent to the main sofa.

Because lighting can be complex, make sure you have a general idea of how your living room will be laid out before purchasing lights. Allow yourself some fun and play with lighting depending on your living room style. For example, you can add a scone of ambient lighting on your wall, then balance it with a statement lamp that goes with your table.

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