7 Vinyl Record Storage Ideas

How you store your vinyl records determines whether you are damaging or preserving them. You must handle them with care, otherwise, they will be scuffed, bent, or scratched and stop playing. After investing so much in these collections, it pays to design proper vinyl storage. Whether small or big, you must organize your collection in style. Find out what you should and shouldn’t do.

1. Don’t Stack Records Together

One reason phonograph records become warped is stacking them on top of each other. They could also crack due to heavyweight and ultimately develop ring wear and scuff marks. You also need to protect the album jacket artwork. The best way is to keep the collection in an upright position inside the storage unit. Do it the same way you keep books in a bookcase. But you need a better unit than a bookshelf because of the weight and size. Crate dividers come in handy to ensure that they remain evenly upright without slanting.

2. Do Store Vinyl Records in Album Jackets

Look for an inner sleeve with a silky and smooth feel to protect the delicate vinyl from scratches. Avoid paper sleeves since they act like sandpapers that peel off the vinyl over time. But the inner sleeve is not enough. You have to pair it with an outer jacket to shield the record from external factors. Unless you are listening to the record, you should always keep it inside an album jacket. As soon as you are done playing, put it back in the jacket. If you leave it for too long on the turntable, dust will accumulate and affect the quality of sound.

3. Don’t Wet the Records

Some people make the mistake of wetting a vinyl record in a bid to reduce static pops and crackle when playing music. This action has a negative effect as it causes abrasions on the grooves. The other thing about wetting a vinyl collection is that it makes the music sound worse because the crud sticks to the record once it dries up.

4. Do Clean the Records with the Right Tools

Before stashing them in the jackets, get a record cleaning brush to remove dirt. Clothes, no matter how smooth their fibers seem, can cause scuffing on the vinyl. So, stop using your towel and look for a dedicated brush which is safer, quicker, and easier to use. To eliminate the dust, simply spin the brush on the record at a slow speed. For thorough cleaning, use a vinyl-cleaning solution and spray it on the record but not the label. Then use a microfiber cloth to wipe in a circular motion. Do this after every six months and your records will always look brand new.

5. Do Take Advantage of Bespoke Solutions

Made-to-measure storage units come in perfect proportions depending on your storage needs and available space. You get a bespoke shelving unit with elements that are flexible. This means you can adjust the dimensions of the compartments. The available options are a game-changer for a vinyl collection that hardly fits into a typical shelf. Note that Tylko’s made-to-measure vinyl storage is available in different finishes. This means you can enhance your interior décor by choosing the right color.

6. Do Get Some Archive Storage

Want to keep your vinyl for the long term? If you are not concerned about quick access, then a top-down box can do. Forget about cardboard boxes as they are not so strong. The most useful box, in this case, is a heavy-duty plastic. A 20-liter plastic box, for instance, can handle about 50 records and is easy to carry around. Look for a box with strong handles for safety during transit.

7. Do Keep Them Away From Direct Light and Heat

Always check the temperature around your vinyl record storage. The most ideal room temperature is between 65°C and 70°C. Watch out for humid air as it can harm the collection. In a climate-controlled unit, ensure that humidity remains 45% – 50%.

With a great record player, you need an inspiring storage system. It should not only be stylish but also safe and accessible. Style is important and so is functionality. If you want to display your favorites, why not present it in a bespoke storage unit from Tylko? You can have the records alongside your books without sacrificing space. If you are a devoted vinyl collector start preserving those delicate treasures so you can pass them on from one generation to the next as you enjoy the music of your days.


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One thought on “7 Vinyl Record Storage Ideas

  1. An incredible post! For the past year, I have been throwing away my vinyl records because every time I want to listen to them, I find they have scratches. Whenever that happened, thinking it’s because of the poor quality build of the record. But according to your post, it has been my fault all along. I never knew that paper sleeves always scratched the records neither did I know that stacking the records affected their integrity. I think it’s time I come up with a storage unit that can hold the records upright to avoid stacking. I am also going to return them to their original record sleeves.

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