10 Tips for Creating a Luxurious Living Space Without Breaking the Bank

There are numerous benefits associated with a well-designed living room. Not only does it create a bright and welcoming space but it also helps to convey a certain sense of pride in the home. However, many people believe that their budget does not permit them to use the finest materials in their homes. Fortunately, this could not be further from the truth, with a keen eye and a tight budget, phenomenal things can be achieved.

Add some Crown Molding

One of the easiest ways to create an affordable luxury interior design is by adding crown moulding as an accent in the home. Adding moulding to the walls creates an impression that the space has been finished and all the details were taken into consideration. These are an affordable option that appears more expensive than it really is. To cut costs even further, you could take on the installation of your moulding by yourself.

Give the room a new coat of paint

Sometimes, a simple coat of paint is enough to transform a room from tired and shabby to sumptuous and bright. If the paint is the only thing that needs to be adjusted in a room’s design, it might be a good quality to spend your money on a high-quality paint like Farrow and Ball, not only does it look better but it also lasts much longer.

Add a touch of comfort

It is rather surprising how important scatter pillows are when trying to create an affordable luxury interior design. Play around with a number of different scatters in a myriad of textures to add a sense of luxury to the living space without spending a large amount of money.

Window treatments matter

Rooms without curtains or shutters look unfinished and tacky. Fortunately, by adding a few blinds or shutters to the room, it is easy to add some luxury to the home. If budget allows, you can layer your shutters with curtains for an extra touch.

Affordable brass features

Nothing creates a sense of sumptuousness and luxury like matching brass hardware. You could look for affordable imitation brass handles and door pulls at your local hardware shop. However, a trip to the local flea market or boot sale is a better idea. These kinds of markets are often a treasure trove of original brass features at a fraction of the cost.

Curate the atmosphere with lighting

Bright fluorescent lighting is not conducive to a luxurious space within your home. Fortunately, this is easy to fix when creating an affordable luxury interior design. Shop on affordable light feature shops, which provide a wide range of options that look expensive without costing a significant amount of money. Opt for a shaded ceiling lamp paired with several different table lamps to create the ultimate lighting profile.

Get rid of the rug

Carpet in the home is prone to staining and wear and tear. This makes the home look shabby and unkempt. Set aside a Saturday to rip up all of the carpeting in your home. This can then be replaced with affordable laminate flooring or tile. Not only is this more affordable, but it creates an immediate sense of luxury in the home. Many options can be found that suit your sense of style as well as your budget.

Go big with wall accessories

Once the basic elements in the living space have been updated, it is a good idea to decorate the walls. Not only does this add a certain depth to the room but it is an excellent design tool that does not cost a lot of money. Have a favourite artwork printed and mounted in a golden frame. Mirrors are also a great idea, not only do they make the room seem bigger but they are a classic design element that is second to none.

Choose retro furniture

The first thing anyone notices when walking into a home is the furniture used to decorate the space. Furniture that was built in the 60s and 70s are often well made and rather opulent. However, the biggest advantage is the cost of these items. They are often available at incredibly affordable prices, you may just need to take some time to restore them to their former glory.

Take care of the space

After you have redecorated a living space on a budget, it is important to keep a sharp eye on your belongings. Try to tidy up every day and keep clutter at bay. This helps to keep the space as attractive and luxurious as it was when you redecorated.


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